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alice October 14 / 2021

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alice September 06 / 2021

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alice May 29 / 2021

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Filled with random feelings and ideas from her clouded mind, she brings out her music, simple and personal, meaningful but open to interpretation. This Indie rock / Latin pop singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer and artist, invites you to take a walk through her thoughts and create a connection.

Growing up, his escape from this reality was always music, she says:

"I always felt like Alice in Wonderland, confused and misunderstood, eager to grow up, but lost in this big world, maybe someone can listen to one of my songs and feel better, that someone else feels the same"

From a very young age she was influenced by the romantic ballads and pop music that her family used to listen to, she began to sing to those songs at the age of 9, and her interest in music escalated, but her passion for rock music was greater. Growing up in the 90's, her biggest influences were bands like Nirvana, Veruca Salt, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumking, Placebo among others.

Born and raised in Cali, Colombia, at the age of fourteen, she fell in love with the electric guitar and began to write her first songs. At seventeen she formed the alternative rock band, “Smoking Alice”, and participated in different local rock festivals.

In 2012 she decided to go solo and launch her first musical production entitled “Make the change”. Since then, Alice has been included in different international compilations such as Gustavo Stereo and Eva Powers, both produced by Bela Records, an indie label from Guadalajara Mexico, and has also participated in Discos Urbanos Vol2 Compilation produced by David Mearkena from Lima, Peru

She has worked with bands like Limbo from Argentina, Mono Zen from Mexico and Shiba from Brazil. Now she is working on her new full album.


Compilation album in tribute to Gustavo Cerati and Soda Stereo. It was produced by the independent record label Bela Records of Guadalajara, Mexico.

It was released online on August 11, 2020.

Track Included

1. Corazón Delator

cover gustavo stereo

International compilation of female bands Eva Power. It was produced by the independent record label Bela Records, from Guadalajara, Mexico.

Released online, in March 2020.

Track Included

1. Just Friends

eva power

Make the Change is Alice Quint first Ep, contains three songs and was produced by herself, was recorded at Takeshima and Casa Voyage studios.

Realeased Year 2012

Tracks Included

1. A shame
2. Loca
3. Country (Far Away From the City)

Alice Quint 2020

Loca is the debut single and was recorded in the takeshima studio, produced by Alice Quint

Realeased Year 2012

Tracks Included

  1. Loca
loca cover

International compilation of independent bands of different musical genres, entitled Discos Urbanos. It was produced by the independent label Disco Urbanos, from Lima, Peru.

Realeased Year 2013

Tracks Included

1. Loca
2. A shame

discos urbanos 4

Album Compilation by local bands of different musical genres, entitled "Compartiendo Territorios Vol 6". It was produced by the secretary of culture of Santiago de Cali, and recorded in the takeshima studio

Realeased Year 2011

Tracks Included

1. Loca
2. A shame

compartiendo territorios


Manager: Alejandra Quintero

alicequint@live.com / contacto@alejandraquintero.me

booking: casavoyage@gmail.com

(+57) 3184788162 – 3059212947

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